Online Businesses

  • Wednesday, Aug 12, 2020

The growth and opportunities of online businesses have evolved all over the world. It continues to double in return rates. Online businesses grow every year, and so does its benefits and interest. E-Marketer recorded an increase in online businesses of 24.8% in 2017 over 2016. Globally, online sales reached over $2,304 trillion. Mobile accounting had 58.9% of those sales in 2017.

As online business began to grow, online sales of retail goods increased and took a large part of the retail businesses. Most retail businesses make more sales online than in their physical stores all over the world. From fashion wears to groceries and even cars, you can get it all on the internet thanks to online businesses. They have soon transformed the system of retail businesses all over the world. In 2018, more than 47.3% of the world population bought things online. In 2020, even more, people use eCommerce. It can be said confidently that online businesses in the world have evolved. This is the best time to come up with online business ideas, and get them running.

Businesses without a good online plan or online business idea are not fully maximizing their capabilities. They can easily survive online even without a physical location, but it would be hard to survive with a physical business without any internet activity. eCommerce is easier for customers to access, and gives them a better customer experience. When creating an online business, there are a few things you can do to create a better business on the internet.

Business Ideas

In creating a business online, you need a good business idea. There are different kinds of businesses that are profitable in the world. However, you need to consider the environment, the resources you have, your competition analysis, and how reliable and trustworthy your services can be.

With different online businesses all over the world, you must be doing something extra or special to be a profitable and popular business in the world. Popular and profitable businesses usually have good customer reviews, social media engagement, and an easy platform for customers to access. The aim is to have the latest and most efficient strategies for your business to grow in a good time.

Optimized Website/Mobile App

For every online business, you need a fast and responsive website to make it easy for your customers to reach you. If a customer visits your website, and finds it lagging, having slow-responsiveness and difficult to use, they would probably leave the site, and drop a negative review that would affect your business growth. An optimized website gives good customer experience and makes it more accessible to more users. To make it even better, you can integrate a chat box on your website to help your customers reach you easily. So if they are having difficulties deciding a product or service to purchase, you or your staff would be there to give them the support they need.

An optimized website would likely also have a blog that would help increase your visibility and popularity across the world. A prospective client can stumble on your page from a good blog post you posted, and find their way to your store because of your content. Additionally, you can create a mobile app on either Google Play Store or the IOS App Store to make it easy for your customers to reach you. A business with a mobile app will have more loyal or retained customers than a business using a website. When the app is downloaded on a user’s phone, there are higher chances of checking the application from time to time. You could also use push-notifications on mobile apps to remind your customers to purchase your goods or service.

Social Media Engagement/Digital Marketing

There are billions of social media users all over the world. In 2020, the number of social media users also increased. Quality social media content and engagement strategies can take your online business to a different level. Social media is a digital community, where people share their lifestyle, likes, and dislikes with other people. Having good social media engagement will increase your popularity as a brand all over the world. It will also fetch you a positive review.

Create quality content that your customers and prospects can easily engage in. You can also incorporate other digital marketing strategies such as SEO, SEA, social media marketing/management, internet ads, email marketing, and lots more. Reaching your customers online and trying to create a good relationship with them would foster growth in your online business. You also need to constantly deliver top-notch services to avoid a crisis.