Imagine losing your data the night before your deadline, and no matter how much you try to salvage it on your own, you can only recover so much. After calling for help, tat’s when you realize that data retrieval is indeed an expensive task, either regarding financial resources or time.

At Giddy 3, when we say, we understand how frustrating data loss can be, we mean it. Since we do, our engineers won’t just give up just because our competitors did. After all, recovering data is our lives. Here are some services we offer:

1. Hard Disk Drive

While manufacturers coined these devices as ‘hard,’ these HDDs also need gentle care. With our engineers now being considered experts in their fields, top-caliber tools, and best practices, recovery should not be as intricate as it seems. It is our goal to make sure we attend to your needs in a quick, professional, and cost-efficient way.

2. RAID Data Recovery

The complex data structure of any RAID is prone to data loss, when not properly cared for; but even in cases when we handle our devices with care, there are unfortunate events. Our engineers have the capacity to recover and protect your data when you need it, give you a price quote and an analysis of how much data we can restore.

3. Tape Data Recovery

It doesn’t matter whether your device is legacy or new, we have the equipment and expertise to recover any physical and electronic damage to your data.

We have all the things you need to retrieve those data, at a reasonable price. Call us for a quote now.