Established in the late nineties, Giddy 3 have evolved into a business leader in data recording, security, and retrieval within the UK.  We pledge ourselves to providing only the best services strengthened up by the people, practices, and resources. With thousands of completed projects and tasks since its foundation, we take pride in producing a virtually 95% satisfied client base in all regions.

Giddy 3 engineers can also be considered the best in their fields, if not the most trusted and experienced. While some competitors may easily give up on some projects they assume impossible, our engineers spend time and effort looking for ways. With the help of technology and expertise, we surprise customers by recovering data that could have been permanently lost if brought somewhere else.

We also make sure that we abide by set standards in the industry, including those of ISO for a clean environment and given specifications by storage manufacturers as to keep warranties intact.

We know how data plays a crucial role in our daily lives. We feel and acknowledge the need for data recovery in unfortunate cases o physical or electronic damage to our storage devices. We understand more than anybody else. Hence, we have Giddy 3 to be proud of these days.

If you have any problems with your disk drives, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can accommodate you even during the ungodly hours in urgent needs. Plus, you don’t have to pay us just to talk to us. We’ll look into your concerns free of charge, and you’ll be under no obligation to use our services.