Hard Disk Drive
With our engineers now being considered experts in their fields, top-caliber tools, and best practices, recovery should not be as intricate as it seems.

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RAID Data Recovery
Our engineers have the capacity to recover and protect your data when you need it, give you a price quote and an analysis of how much data we can restore.

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Tape Data Recovery
It doesn’t matter whether your device is legacy or new, we have the equipment and expertise to recover any physical and electronic damage to your data.

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With a decade of expertise in data retrieval, recovery, and security, Giddy 3 has proven how we are a company that you can always rely on when it comes to your storage disks.

asdOur engineers continue to reign as UK's top data recovery specialists with their software engineering and retrieval solutions. As a company who strived to equip ourselves with the best experience, tools, ISO certified clean recovery environment, and people, there's no wonder why we keep ourselves at virtually 95% success rates on our projects.

What sets us apart from our adversaries in the industry is that our prospective clients are not required to pay us just to talk to us. We provide a free quote on our services, where we leave no customer under any obligation to use our recovery solutions - though most of them end up using our services after all, and go home satisfied with getting their data back. Those who unfortunately have to leave our premises without any recovered data do not have to pay any fees.

We rarely keep our clients waiting for more than a week, as we understand how our customers value each minute as gold. Giddy 3 engineers complete data retrieval in a maximum of seven days. In cases where an extension is necessary, our office manager and staff will keep you updated as to why we needed longer time for the project.

We offer emergency data recovery solutions, which technically means we can be of service around the clock. While we observe regular business hours, you can call us anytime for situations that can't wait.

We have dedicated on-call engineers to help you at the ungodly hours of any day. Again, just call us, and we should be there.

Giddy 3 will never promise you to be the best in what we do. We already are.